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Wuta Black Iron Leather Chisel 4mm

Wuta Black Iron Leather Chisel 4mm

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Prong spacing: 
 4mm spacing. 

Total length: 

4mm spacing: 10 mm prong length; 2 mm prong width.

Threads in 0.45-0.77mm diameter is recommended.

NOTE: This black chisel is feature in sharp tooth . Because it is hand-polished, there is about 0.2-0.5mm deviation in tooth spacing. This don't effect the actually use. Please note that before purchase.


1---3mm and 4mm spacing are available. Each spacing we provide 1/2/4/6 prongs.

2---With slightly polished surface, the chisel can pierce through and be pulled more smooth than common one and maximally protect the shape of holes on leather to help you stitch a more beautiful line.

3---With black oxide finish, great anti-rust property.

4---The handle with non-skid pattern to fits your hand and you can feel comfy and steadily hold it when it works.


1.It is better to use the tool with soft pad to protect sharp chisel teeth as it is expendable

2.Must be perpendicular to the perforated leather, and don't beat it with heavy hammer, you can use plastic hammer or nylon hammer

3.Use the tool with soft cushion to protect the cut tip, such as outrageous board or open plate

4. When not in use, can be coated with a layer of oil between the cut, put protective sleeve to do with the maintenance

5. When removing, always pull it out of your leatherwork straight, never shift it side to side to loosen it or this could snap the prongs. Avoid using leather that is so thick it makes removal difficult. If you work with leather that is thick enough to make removal difficult then a wider pricking iron is recommended.

Welcome wholesale !

Welcome to drop any questions to us, thank you for looking!


Please understand that there are steel cutting line trace on the pricking iron, just you can see on the photos.

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