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Wicket & Craig English Bridle Medium Brown 2-3oz Leather Panel

Wicket & Craig English Bridle Medium Brown 2-3oz Leather Panel

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Wickett & Craig "English" Bridle Leather Panel

English Bridle: The most popular of the Wickett & Craig leathers, English bridle leather is drum dyed in a range of finishes, then hot stuffed with waxes making this leather smooth and flexible with a waxy texture.

Wickett & Craig "English" Bridle Leather is among the highest end vegetable tanned leathers in the world. Crafted in the USA, Wickett & Craig is known for quality, durability, and rich finishes.

Used for belts, bags, high-end leather goods and accessories, equestrian gear, and much more.

A beautiful top side with rich color that easily stamps and tools if desired.
The back side is refinished and 'gum pasted'. The gum paste gives an incredible waxy and smooth texture.
Traditional Harness vs English Bridle

Color: Medium Brown

1.0 Square Foot: 13 inch x 11 inch (13" x 11")


2.5-3 oz (Thickness: 1.0-1.2mm --- 3/64")

Grade: #1 and #2 (Standard & Utility) - Best quality at the Tannery, meaning the least amount of imperfections on the leather!

Back Side: Finished in medium brown, with gum paste!

Tannery: Wickett & Craig of Curwensville, PA, USA (est. 1867)

Simply put, traditional harness has a glossier top grain surface, whereas English Bridle is more matte. English Bridle has a more uniform color on the hide whereas traditional harness has more marbling, showing light and dark color tones across the hide. For more info please see the above description!

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