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SB Foot Black Chrome Tanned 5-6oz Leather

SB Foot Black Chrome Tanned 5-6oz Leather

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SB Foot Black Chrome Tanned 5-6oz Leather

Tannage: Chrome Tanned

Weight/Thickness: 5.5-6oz

Temper: Medium

Struck: Yes

Crocking: Low

Country of Origin: USA

Grade: A-B

A-B (few range marks/good for large products/panels), B-C (more range marks/brands/potential for some color mottling/small hole(s)/good for medium products/panels), C-D (potential high volume of range marks/brands/color mottling/hole(s)/good for vintage products or small products where you can cut around deficiencies)

Leather color presented here may vary depending on white balances/monitors/devices etc. Please understand each side may vary slightly. It is common for some leather colors to vary slightly from butt to head and backbone to belly. This is normal. If this may be an issue, please order a sample prior to a full side.



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