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Owden Precision Carving Knife

Owden Precision Carving Knife

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OWDEN Professional Precision Carving Knife is a great tool for leather crafts designed and crafted by a team of experienced professional leather workers. The blade is precision-ground from high-quality alloy steel, which combines strength and extreme sharpness and is not easy to rust. The drop-shaped ebony handle has a natural texture and luster feels comfortable, and has a beautiful brass ferrule. Built for precision, balance, ease of use, comfort, ergonomics and durability. Designed for high-end leather for advanced and professional projects, these hand tools are the perfect addition to any leatherworker's toolbox.

Material: Alloy Steel Knife, Ebony Handle, Brass Hoop

Hardness: HRC60

Color: Black

Size: Length: 157mm; Blade Width: 13mm.

Package: Graving Knife Tool * 1

- OWDEN professionally newly designed and developed engraving knife, using high-grade materials, exquisite design, and exclusive possession. It is an indispensable tool for artists.
- Suitable for hollowing and cutting leather, Paper, Cork, Scrapbook, Cloth and other soft materials .Not suitable for left-handers.
- The knife adopts high-quality alloy steel precision grinding technology, with very good sharpness and no rust treatment!

1. After using it for a long time, the sharpness of the knife has decreased. Generally, the sharpness can be restored by sanding with 1000-1200 mesh sandpaper. Or use a professional sharpening stone.
2. It is recommended to polish after each use to facilitate the next use.
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