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Sepici Newhaven Blue 4-5oz Veg Tan Leather

Sepici Newhaven Blue 4-5oz Veg Tan Leather

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Newhaven Veg Tan Leather - Blue 4-5oz.

Weight: 4/5oz. (1.6mm/2mm)

Brand: Sepici

Color: Blue

Finish: Semi Aniline.

Grade: B

Grain: Full Grain.

Cut Type: Side.

Tannage: Vegetable Tanned.

Hide Type: Cow.

Temper: Medium.

Newhaven is a vegetable tanned, drum dyed leather with a great look and feel. It is tight, firm and suitable for embossing. Great for belts, bags, small leather goods and equestrian products.

Tanned using traditional vegetable tanning methods which can take up to 40 days to produce a hide. Dyed through in color.


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